Ugh....9 am.....Time to get up and going for the day. I CAN NOT be late to class again.

College Student Simulator

So, you want to simulate what a normal morning in a studen's life is like, huh? Well....good for you I guess. With this site, you can see what a typical student's day is like! You will be looking through the eyes of a 21 year old going to UW Stout, in their studio apartment. You have one hour before class starts. Don't forget the 10 minute walk! COMING SOON: Weather implementation! The weather of will soon have an affect on certain outcomes of the game!

Wake up!

Try Again?


Game Over

Whoops, it looks like somebody took a little too long getting ready this morning. You're now late for class, and your professor isn't going to be very happy.

You made it to class!!